Occupational Therapy

Definition of Occupational Therapy: 

‘Occupational therapists aim to enable people to achieve as much as they can for themselves, so they get the most out of life. When people cannot do things which are important to them, an occupational therapist can help them in many ways, based on each individual person’s needs and lifestyle.’ (reference College of OT March 2008)

As an Independent Occupational Therapist based in Brighton, Sussex I work with adults and older people who have a wide range of conditions and presenting difficulties. I offer assessment, advise and interventions to people in their own homes or community settings both short and long term and I am able to refer to other Private and Public Sector Therapists and Health Professionals ie: Physiotherapists whom I work alongside if needed. 

NEEDS: Do you have an illness, injury or disability? A visual impairment? Do you suffer with chronic pain or fatigue? Are you experiencing increasing difficulties with the little tasks that you always took for granted? or Have you received an assessment from statutory services but don’t meet their criteria for equipment/services? You may have difficulty in the following areas and if so; as an Independent OT I can assist you.Getting about – difficulty standing for long periods or walking inside and/or out and using transport. Independently using your chair, bed, toilet or car seat.Personal care – washing, bathing, showering, toileting, dressing, maintaining your appearance, eating and drinking, managing medication.Preparing meals, shopping, cleaning, laundry and ironing. Do you look after someone and is it impacting on your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.Do you feel you have lost your autonomy, independence and leisure activities due to ill health and loss of function.If any of the above resonates with you, Occupational Therapy can meet your needs through the following interventions and could also include and a Graded Personal Training Programme to regain lost skills: Advise and support. Rehabilitation including Falls Prevention Programmes. Compensatory techniques. Equipment. Adaptations to your home. Care / support guidance and referral. Please read the page on Personal Training and Exercise Referral as these could be use alongside the Occupational Therapy intervention so that you receive an Holistic assessment and provision that not only meets your needs now but is a start to your 'lifestyle' change. 

 Falls Prevention Programme: Falling over is a major cause of disability in the UK, with around half of falls resulting in significant injury leading to reduced confidence, social isolation and subsequently loss of independence. Many falls are easily preventable with a few adjustments around the home, along with physical activity to increase strength and balance. I offer a 12-week Falls Prevention Programme, all conducted within the home, to reduce the risk of falling while increasing mobility and confidence, including: A full initial assessment of the person’s physical aptitude, their domestic environment and their mobility out-of-doors; with a full Report provided after the assessment and frequent reviews during the programme. Recommendations for home adaptations to reduce the risk of falls (installation can be arranged if desired)An individualised, illustrated exercise programme to help increase strength, balance and flexibilityGuidance and practical demonstrations to help you cope in the event that a fall does occurAdvice to family and carers Nutritional support can also be given with referral to a qualified practitioner or GP for those with special dietry needs due to their health condtion. I am able to assist with Nutrition using the Healthy Eating Guidelines for General Health and Well Being of healthy adults. (See Personal Training). Please contact me for charges and rates. 

I accept referrals from individual clients and their families/carers, GPs, local authorities, housing associations, charities, and care providers.I cover all of Sussex and I am willing to travel further afield, depending on your own requirements. To arrange a meeting or to discuss a referral, please call my mobile 07488359130 or use the Contact page on this site, thank you.

General Practitioners (GP) and Health Professionals:If you have a patient / client who would benefit from an occupational therapy assessment and intervention, contact me to discuss how I can help. Assessment and advice. Rehabilitation relating to physical, cognitive, psychological and social difficulties.Individual or combined rehabilitation sessions. Working in a graded way to support people to improve independence, quality of life, and occupational engagement in a safe and supported way.Assessment for aids and adaptations.Attendance at case conferences.Supported hospital discharges for private patients or those wanting a more bespoke service than is available through statutory services.Risk assessment and supported transfer of care from residential placements back to an individual’s own home.Education and health promotion regarding acute and long term conditions relating to how they impact on individuals’ lives and those around them, such as families and carers and incorporate an Exercise Referral Programme which I would deliver.