Hatha Yoga

As a Hatha Yoga Instructor there are a couple of mediums that i work in that are slightly different to mainstream Yoga classes or sessions.  Having practiced Yoga for many years and being a runner I very quickly realised the benefits to not only physical health and performance; and mental health but also to aid injury recovery and increase strength and endurance to those having lost or loosing it and needing a more gentle approach to rebuilding previous abilities or improving on their current ones.  I have therefore designed a way of working that incorporates Yoga into exercise routines to bring about the best in strength, endurance, flexibility, range of movment, breathing and mental wellbeing.

I also offer one to one Yoga sessions for beginners, where we can explore how Yoga can identify areas of the body causing issues, learn how to address them using postures and breathing techniques.

Putting it simply I love Yoga and everything it encompasses and look forward to showing you why and how you can come to learn this wonderful way of looking after you