About Me: Angi Baskerville

I've worked in health my whole career; firstly as an Occupational Therapist BSc and then adding Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer FCIMPSA and Yoga Instructor (Dip). My health journey started following a few health scares and realising that to help others I had to remain healthy too. So I started running. My first Marathon was in 2012 and i've been doing them since (they don't get easier).  I love what i do and hope you'll find this passion for health encourages and motivates you too. 

CURRENTLY: DUE TO COVID19 I AM OFFERING REMOTE/ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING and REHABILITATIVE THERAPY BASED PROGRAMMES WITH PPE IN COVID CARE CONDITIONS FOLLOWING NHS ENGLAND AND GOV GUIDELINES. (March 2022); Gov guidelines state indoor training with precautions can proceed, this will be discussed with each client as I go to decided on best method of training and interverntion at this time) A full Risk Assessment will be carried out on first session.

I work with people with a variety of health and weight issues, that are impacting on their lives. I have an enthusiasm and passion for empowering people. Whether thats wanting to get healthier, stronger and loose weight and/or to maintain or regain independence in daily tasks, improve your stamina, endurance, balance, strength and range of movement. 

No matter what your Goal is I am sure I can help you get there. If your reading this then maybe you've decided it's time to make that change!

I trained with YMCAfit and I utilise my in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Health conditions and Nutrition in my programmes, to help my clients build a positive, balanced and healthy physical and nutritional lifestyle. ( see Exercise Referral page for some of the conditions) 

I work with clients in their own homes either using remote/online or 1-1. It is entirely up to you and of course we can mix it up. I have a full range of equipment that I can bring to you or I will help you utilise your home or to purchase what you need. Together we will build a graded programme that is specific to you and your health needs, so that you come away accomplished, happy and seeing the results progressively and safely. 

Qualifications and Registrations: COVID19 1st & 2nd VACCINATION'S COMPLETED. 

COVID19 Rehabilitation: Long Covid Rehab is now a huge issue for many and I am offering specific Therapy Based Rehabilitation Programmes. 

COVID19 Awareness Certificate  

Advanced Personal Trainer Level 3. Nutrition for Exercise Level 3 and TRX Suspension Training Instructor.

Advanced Personal Trainer Level 4:  GP Exercise Referral Dip, Level 4 Low Back Pain, Level 4 Managing Individuals with Obesity, Diabetes and/or Metabolic Syndrome. 

Hatha Yoga Instructor: Yoga integrated with exercise to develop a client centred Therapy based programme/sessions.       

Mandatory & Statutory Training Course: Inc Resuscitation Basic & Immediate Adult and Paediatric Life Support. 

Kinesiology Taping to support muscles 

FCIMPSA & DBS Registered and Insured.