Stephen Oct 2021

When making contact with Angi, one is given a free consultation meeting to asses one’s needs. Angi explains to you what she can do to help you. She asks what you feel you need, and what your goals for recovery, or well being might be.
(In my case I was just learning to walk again, after a very bad accident, and 10 weeks in hospital. Both legs had been severely damaged, and had required major surgery). At this point one is told the prices of treatments. The prices are very reasonable, and an even better deal if one books in blocks of sessions.The sessions can be either face to face in one’s own surroundings, or via zoom.I have opted for face to face, and this works well for me, with Angi always arriving promptly. The sessions are conducting in a very professional way.This is not to say that there is no friendliness, or humour.
Angi has both in abundance. 😊 Angi arrives in a professional therapist outfit, showing badges of her qualifications.
Confidence is instilled from the very beginning. Encouraging, and striving to help you through the exercises she has worked out.
One’s exercises are never too strenuous, but push one to achieve and grow with strength and confidence each session.
Her knowledge of the body seems to know no bounds!!
Her sessions are totally personalised for each client, and adjusted each time if the need arises.
For example: if one is suffering with a bad back, aching limbs, headache etc., one’s program is adjusted accordingly.
As you can probably tell from this review…I can highly recommend Angi to anyone wanting/needing to repair themselves.
You’ll not regret venturing down a route of renewed well being!

Ben October 2021

Angi has been fantastic! She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and is very understanding of fatigue. Angi has helped me enormously with gradually improving my range of motion and strength whilst managing fatigue with long covid. I am delighted with my progress and would not hesitate at all in recommending Angi.

Stella January 2021

Angi has been my personal trainer for some years now. She is wonderful. I am a bilateral below the knee amputee and I have no fingers. Angi has worked so hard with me. I am so much stronger and able. I can do standing exercises which, at the beginning I most definitely couldn’t. She adjusts exercises to suit me. She really helps me and I am so grateful to the friend who recommended her. I also thoroughly recommend her.

Lucy October 2020

I am a 63 year old woman and have been training with Angi Baskerville for over 6 months now - 3 x per week. Angi is extremely knowledgable about a wide range of fitness programmes and general diet and wellbeing. I have completely changed my relationship with my body since starting to work with her and feel overall much healthier and with improved mobility. Angi adapts each session according to how I am feeling (I am a diabetic) and we have progressed at a pace that has been manageable for me. She is very encouraging and our sessions are enjoyable - something I never thought I would say! I highly recommend Angi to all, and particularly those of us who feel we may have left it too late!

Chris 2018

Not enough stars! Angi needs more than 5!
I've found Angi to be incredibly enthusiastic about helping me to get to my goals. She is experienced and knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. During our sessions she makes it fun, and she knows just the right amount of challenge to give me but not so hard that it feels impossible. My initial reason for getting a personal trainer was to lose weight. I have now lost a considerable amount of weight and feel great. However, Angi has taught me so much about how my body works, plus nutritional information that Ive changed my food habits, time of eating,exercise habits etc to maximise my health.

Gina 2017

Angi is a very competent professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, her assessment skills and individualised excercise plan has improved my overall strength, health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend Angi to anyone wanting to improve their fitness. Thank you

Pam 2016

Anji is very professional and understanding to my needs and after just three months I feel fitter and more motivated to exercise. I look forward to her visits.

Hilda 2016

I look forward to my bi weekly challenge with Angi!!! She is very professional and knowledgable, each session is specifically tailored for me, incorporating everything that Angi and I discussed at our initial meeting. The sessions are always challenging and I love it!!!!. Thank you Angi.

Lucy 2016

I could not recommend Angi enough! She has motivated me to push myself and made me love exercising. Each session is challenging but fun and I feel great afterwards. The best Personal Trainer!